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 . . on this website for the area (formerly the Parish) of Monikie, situated in Angus, Scotland.  The two major villages of the area are Monikie and Newbigging. The Links on this page will take you to other sections of this site, or better still, try the site search engine.

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Affleck Castle

Hynd Castle

Two pages with aerial photographs of the Monikie area, with 'hotspots' to link to other views and pages - 

Read all about the Monikie Parish,
 down through the ages, in a book
 by Rev. W. D. Chisholm,
 called -
'The Monikie Story'.

.. and the fore-runner to 'The Monikie Story', the Statistical Accounts of Scotland for the Parish of Monikie, for the years 1791/99 and 1842.

The local Monikie & Newbigging Church, and copies of its magazine -

Read of a large, detailed list of the inscriptions from the older gravestones in Monikie Kirkyard, some photographs, too.

A selection of stories by Rev. W. D. Chisholm, entitled 

Monikie Country Park, where -

Monikie and Newbigging Community Council

What is the Monikie Farina Mill? -

An old photograph of -

Ardestie Souterrain (or Earth House) is near Monikie.
Searching Google will bring you lots of information but possibly not the onsite information signboard which appears HERE.

Historic Scotland have compiled details of Listed Buildings in Scotland, the local ones can be seen HERE.

Local Primary Schools -

A descriptive poem written of Monikie in his very special way by . . .

Our community hall, also available for lets - 

Some specially prepared views of . .

MURDER!! in Monikie - read about it.

The Panmure Estate forms a major organisation in this area.

Read some extracts from old books about the Monikie Parish, its farms, its families, Panmure Estate and Affleck Castle, etc.

What Nigel Tranter had to say about Monikie & Newbigging

You may not be familiar with the Statistical Accounts for Scotland (1799 and 1845); these are now available on-line at from Edinburgh University.  A valuable resource and interesting reading if you have the patience to wait for each new page to load.

. . . and, in case you missed it earlier . . .

To help you find your way around this area here is a large map (326k) of Angus and Kincardineshire showing Parish and some place names.


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