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The format of dates throughout the World differs from country to country.  If you use the INTERNATIONAL DATE STANDARD you should not encounter problems - if you do NOT, your research and data are going to be confusing. Please DO NOT EVER use simple numeric like 12/08/14.

The Webmaster has an interest in Family History in particular, and local history in general. Being a a member of Tay Valley Family History Society it is recommended that all persons with 'roots' in the Tay Valley area become members - wonderful value! This page will take you to some of the pages on this site with a Family History content, much more than the webmaster's interests. Some FAMILY HISTORY forms part of the area's LOCAL HISTORY available on this site too - click the LOCAL INTEREST button at the foot of the page.  by FAR the best way to look for information on this site is to use the site search engine.

Involved in research, the webmaster has collated much data over the years, and wishes to share some of that data with other genuine researchers. The information on this site is under the headings (but use the search engine too) - 

  The STIRLING or SKIRLING, etc. SURNAME, information.

  The CLEVELY, CLEVELEY or CLEVELAND surname.  Possibly originating at sometime in Oxfordshire, England, but more particularly in the Avon, Gloucester and Worcester areas of England, although all areas are of interest, also some general notes regarding the surname.

  Selected entries from the 'Register of Interments in Greyfriars Burying-Ground, Edinburgh', Scotland.

  Read here about the Scottish 'Lowland Clearances'.

  A few Census Statistics, mainly for for Dundee, Angus, Perthshire and North Fife, but also for the sixteen largest towns - all in Scotland. Most are for 1931, but Dundee totals from 1801 to 1931 are included - also in chart form.

A collection of pages on this website, mostly by (or in the style of) a Canadian contributor.  Various family history information is there, relevant to Angus (formerly Forfarshire) in Scotland and more lists yet to be made available so keep looking back to 'Arlene's Lists' - for 1000's of names!

  Much of the history of this area can be read in 'The Monikie Story' by the late, Rev. W. D. Chisholm.  There is a large index of names and addresses mentioned in this book - a link can be found from the book webpage, or use the site search engine below.  You may wish to check if your family tree is represented somewhere on this site by entering the name in the Search Engine.

  Look, too, at the fore-runner to 'The Monikie Story', the Statistical Accounts of Scotland for the Parish of Monikie, for the years 1791/99 and 1842 and for several other local parishes.

Should you wish to check the records at the office of The Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages, 89 Commercial Street, Dundee, DD1 2AF,  SCOTLAND. - - Tel.  +44 (0)1382 435222: Fax. +44 (0)1382 435224: email -  I can personally recommend researches being carried out in local registrars' offices where you may be able to see the 'real' register, not a copy, as so often in Edinburgh.
The following records are available in Dundee -

For ---	DUNDEE - Births Deaths and Marriages - 1855 to 1995
	ANGUS (Forfarshire) - Marriages and Deaths - 1855 to 1939; Births 1855 to 1899
	For all TAYSIDE (Dundee, Angus (Forfarshire), Perth(shire) & Kinross(shire) - Census Returns 1841 to 1891
	For TAYSIDE - Old Parish Records - earliest from 1553 to 1854
	For all SCOTLAND - Census Returns - 1881
	All SCOTLAND - INDEXES - Old Parish Records - from earliest 1500 to 1854
                                            - Births, Deaths and Marriages - 1855 to 1995
                                            - Census records 1881 and 1891, Alphabetical by name
                                            - Divorces - 1984 to 1995

Check HERE for the data available from Scottish Statutory Registration before visiting the official government source of genealogical data for Scotland at -

 GROS logo to carry out further research. This website is seen by many to be the most important available to some researching Scottish Records.

Angus Council Archive centre at Restenneth is situated about 4 miles to the East of Forfar. From August 2006 a service bus has been introduced and you can get a single timetable HERE, or 4@ in PDF format HERE.

Dundee City Council Archives website.

Perth & Kinross Council Archives website.

Can you help trace descendants of family likely to be in Scotland and/or Canada/USA? They may not know that they are connected to an important event in Irish history, the assassination in County Donegal, one of their ancestors - JAMES MURRAY from Perthshire. READ MORE HERE.

  Check YOUR origins by following one or more of the following links.

 Go to Scots Origins to see the Scots 1901 Census Go to English Origins - Trace your Origins online

1901 Census

    Logo This is a commercial site which allows you to access an entire copy of the indexes of Statutory Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths for England and Wales from 1837, almost to date.
(This webmaster has some experience in using this website and would suggest that users are very careful in dealing with what is on offer - read VERY CAREFULLY the notes on the website, particularly as the fee charged does NOT allow return 'free' visits to the same index pages already viewed on a previous visit (as is the case at - 'session cookies' only.  You are advised that the images that are provided are NOT in a 'normal' graphics format but a (free of charge) software viewer is required .  The images DO NOT have filenames NOR do they have any heading or other identification!!  If you mix up you need to start from scratch and  progress more carefully!!  I advise that you TAKE YOUR TIME and search only ONE YEAR QUARTER at a time and SAVE (and best print) the images with a filename that YOU CREATE and that YOU can follow.  Since I last used the website the method of searching has been improved.

It is worth noting that the results do NOT give dates - only a quarter when the event was registered, with the registration district and reference.  Further (high?) costs are involved to get the registration details and these may be incorrect.

  If you have experienced trouble trying to find an ancestor for England and Wales and who you would expect to appear in the foregoing indexes available at the website above, please read about the poor performance of Registration Staff in these countries -  

SCOTTISH CENSUS records and page images for 1841 to 1901 are available in detail at


7th June 1841
31st March 1851
8th April 1861
3rd April 1871
4th April 1881
5th April 1891
Monday, 1st April 1901
1911 - 1931 (not normally available)
1941 NONE (WWII)
1951 to date (not normally available)

  Having made much use of the research facilities in the Dundee Family History Centre of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS or Mormon Church) for several years in the early 90's the webmaster wishes to put on record his grateful thanks to the assistance received, in particular to Mrs. Clancy and other staff there, and in general to all those volunteers and others who have brought such a wealth of information into the public domain for all researchers to use.  (I am pleased to have been a volunteer in the task of collating the 1881 UK Census Data to computer format, now available on CD-ROM - and have the t-shirt to prove it! ).

The following links relate to the LDS Family History software recording program for computer called Personal Ancestral File (PAF), and to the GEDCOM transfer utility.  Also a page in connection with the issue by the LDS on CD-ROM of the 1881 Census of the UK.

  You may wish to some extracts from Old Books, including Statistical Accounts, about Angus, the Stirling and other surnames, or use the search engine to look for a surname or place name.

You may not be familiar with the Statistical Accounts for Scotland (1799 and 1845): these are now available on-line at from Edinburgh University.  A very valuable resource and interesting reading if you have the patience to wait for each new page to load.  Several local parishes have been transcribed and are available HERE.


  . . . and Finally . . .

Poignant poems - 'Dear Ancestor',  'Census Taker', and 'A Letter from Heaven'.

You are advised to use our website search engine to see if, and how many times, YOUR ancestor, their address, or much other information may found on this website - read the notes there for best results.



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