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PANMURE TESTIMONIAL (not Panmure Monument!)

Situated on the Panmure Estate,
(which is partly in the former parish of)
Monikie, Scotland

You can read much more about the Panmure Estate and its history by following the links at the foot of this page.

Read more in 'The Monikie Story'          Panmure Testimonial, from an old postcard

(Another old Postcard  and yet another)

(Year 2000 photographs below.)

The Panmure Testimonial, as shown from an old postcard, is situated on a hill to the western edge of the Panmure Estate and was a gift to the then laird, the Earl of Panmure.  Apparently, during several years of poor harvests the Earl was willing to forgo the annual rent due to him by his tenant farmers.  When the situation improved they erected this testimonial (not a memorial or monument, as it is often miscalled) as a "thank you" to him.

The following lines penned by the late, Don Smith, formerly of Monikie, to record that event -

The Panmure Testimonial
('Live and Let Live')

No folly this of man's construction,
To vaunt laird's deeds on his instruction;
Memorial 'tis of gratitude,
To caring earl, whose latitude
Encompassed tenants' dues unpaid,
As harvest crops in field decayed.

Though soil may yield, harsh seasons cruel
Unequal make man's earthly duel
'gainst Nature's powerful elements
that blessings bring and harassments.

Sun can warm yet cause a drought.
Refreshing rain may help seeds sprout.
But when dark thunderclouds do lower,
The bursting floods reveal their power.

Soil and seed or swelling grain
Are washed away or battered lain,
A wasted crop! Such futile toil!
On wonders why they till the soil.

The wind, is't friend or fiendish foe?
Hay gently drying, yet, a blow
From eastern airt in Springtime calm
Will wither leaves and blossom harm.

And what of hail and sleet and snow?
Of those, the last allows to grow
The tender shoots of winter wheat
Beneath its insulating sheet.

Today, these ills we circumvent,
Appealing to the Government.
But in those days of yesteryear,
Doom and disaster bred chill fear
Of gnawing hunger and eviction.

"Fear not!" the laird said with conviction.
"Your woes and ills I understand.
Your homes will stay upon my land.
And till the future harvest's sure,
Count on the bounty of Panmure."

'Live and Let Live', we raise our glass
to him whose caring few surpass.

The following article has been given to the webmaster as a further reference to the Panmure Testimonial.  The source is not known, but is likely to have been a reader's contribution in the local Dundee Courier and Advertiser newspaper.

" From grateful tenants

The Panmure Testimonial at Monikie, a landmark for miles around, . . . was built as a gesture of gratitude by the Panmure tenantry.

The year 1826 - 'the year of the short corn' - was disastrous for the farmer-tenants.  The crops were so poor that they could not get return enough to pay their rents.

Learning of this, the compassionate nature of the laird, William 1st Baron Panmure, became evident when he gave instructions that no rent was to be asked until such times as the tenants were able to pay.  Later, in many instances, he cancelled the arrears altogether.

When things improved, the tenants got together and decided to raise this tall pillar as a mark of their gratitude to Baron Panmure.

And, as this gentleman was still in vigorous health at that time, it was obviously intended as a testimonial, not a memorial."

   Photographs of Panmure Testimonial taken late 1999.

August 2000.  A reprint of newspaper clippings, original source unknown, but forming part of the Lamb Collection at Dundee Library, are reproduced on an additional page.  This gives much added information about the Panmure Estate, the above buildings and the history of the Estate.

Panmure Estate.

More information about the Panmure Estate and its history, together with information about some notable buildings on the Estate, photographs, etc. can be seen above and elsewhere on this site, Panmure 1, Panmure 2, Panmure 3, Panmure 4, Panmure 5 Panmure 6, Panmure 7, Panmure 8 and Panmure 9.

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Panmure Estate, Angus, Scotland


The Panmure Estate is sold-off in 2001 - read about it HERE.

Look at many photographs of the estate HERE.


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