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Stirling Family History

(This webpage has been the subject of much editing over many years. If you spot something untoward please advise the Webmaster.)

The STIRLING Surname (and variants) in

THREE downloadable ALLSTIR Database file formats.

DECEMBER 2016 -The database is NO LONGER being continually developed, but could be of great help to family historians.  You are advised to email the Webmaster now  if you have a particular interest.  Most of the content of THIS page was written quite some time ago, and, although still gives a very good indication of the database, it does not reflect the current situation.


On 12th August 2001, after considerable additions to the data, the file size had increased to over approximately 700k, but quite a number of entries have been 'paired', so reducing the record count.  Most of the new data is in the much greater detail of marriages registered in Forfar from 1876 to 1950, or so.  Not all data is given as the fiche were sometimes difficult to read.  (E&EO)
 The new file also has a consistency of the placing of (FT) in the notes for persons recorded on my personal Family Tree - inevitably the number of records so marked will increase as I form more links - I will not be satisfied until I find a link to all the Stirlings in Forfar and nearby!

(Please read more in the PLEASE HELP section below.)

16th August 2001. Entries from the 1881, 1891 & 1901 Census of Households for Angus, with at least one person surnamed STIRLING present.


also the 1841 Census for many Districts in Angus and Dundee

This page was much updated in June 2002 to take account of a substantially increased number of records now in the database which is available for download.  However, that file has been substantially improved since, but only the older version is available for download.  These improvements have been carried out as a result of much work and considerable expense.  If you DO have a particular interest PLEASE EMAIL me. 

Most persons recorded are connected with the Angus (or Forfarshire) area of the Country of Scotland, but extended to include a few others in other areas of Scotland, Canada and U.S.A. which are, or may be, linked to others on the list.  The SKIRLING surname for all Scotland is also listed.

I have attempted to re-write sections of this page to try to make it easier to understand.  Inevitably, I will not have explained something to your your full understanding - and it is almost a waste of time downloading the DATABASE FILE if you have not got a reasonably good idea of what you are getting!  To help ME to provide sufficient help to ALL 'downloaders' please let me know of your experiences with the database and getting the information from it that YOU want - contact details above.

The webpage content was last updated on a very restricted basis on  - 13 December, 2016 but the downloadable file is from a different date quite some time ago. The online version is no longer subject to addition, correction and amendment.

As at  JULY 2001


The International Genealogical Index (IGI) originally formed the main source of data in my database. However, by far the most detailed records include considerable information extracted from Birth, Death, & Marriage Statutory Registers from 1855 to 1875, some for 1881 & 1891 which were available on microfilm at the local Mormon Church Family History Centre in Dundee.  I collated such information in the early 1990's.  You can even find out on my list who the witnesses were at your ancestors' wedding! 

In May 2001 I continued the collation of the remaining records.  For the Statutory Records 'outside' the years listed above, the only information available that could be recorded was from the Statutory B, D, & M, Indexes.  From here I have been able to record - Surname, Forename/s, Registration District, Year and Register Entry number - also, where available, I have recorded birth mothers' surnames, marriage spouses' surnames, and death ages.  Where a name is very distinct - middle names, etc. - it may have been possible to link the new data to an existing entry on my database, either 'new' or 'old'.  If you need more you will need to get full the Statutory Registration information from the local Registrar for the area in Scotland, or G.R.O.S. in Edinburgh from the reference number given (which may not be accurate, so give name details).

Very many other sources have been used over the years of compiling this list, varying from Memorial Inscriptions, to mentions in books of history.  For most records the source can be surmised, or it might be stated.  Unfortunately this is not always the case.  Researchers should know that they can only depend on information from sources they have personally seen, and to this end you should regard this list as a 'pointer' as to what or where the record is likely to be.  Although reasonable care has been taken in the collation and preparation of the data in this file, no guarantee can be given as to its veracity.

The early 1990's original list contained about 700 records, but the latest file available until recently for download contained about 1,600 records.  Now that the new Statutory Record information has been added the database contains around 2,500 records!

Please send me a message if you have queries or comments about this, or would like the latest version of my file/s in spreadsheet format, although not nearly so easy to follow.

Before you read further, please note that this ALLSTIR database does NOT generally contain STIRLINGS known to have come from other parts of Scotland, unless they moved hereabouts in the late 1800's and their 'event' was recorded for an Angus Statutory Registration District, or connected in some other way - but another, far less detailed list of over 15,000 STIRLINGs for ALL Scotland - click here for more!

The remainder of the text on this page started out as it was originally written years ago and amended to describe the ALLSTIR database, BUT with the addition of new records and other changes, it is NOT up-to-date as at July 2001 - please bear this in mind when reading on.  I will, over time, try to review the contents and make amends!  If in doubt PLEASE ASK!

Sorry, but I make no apologies for repeating myself, on occasion, in the course of the text - isn't there a saying "Once more for effect!"

So now, the BIG PICTURE ! . .

 . . it runs for a while, though !

About the ALLSTIR Database

It is hoped that my ALLSTIR database file, which you can download, free of charge, will be of assistance to you.  Please give some feedback - positive or negative.

Before you go further you may wish to have a look at different samples of a FORM PAGE screen or print output provided in Microsoft Works software -
allstirpage.gif (in your browser or graphics application)
 (using Adobe Reader - available for free download)

The following surnames are listed -

(Please note that the webmaster cannot confirm that all descendants of persons with  these surname spellings have become STIRLING or STERLING.)

Is it surname really STIRLING?  There is evidence suggesting that the surname spelling as SKIRLING preceded STIRLING until around mid -1700's, but nearly all are found for the Angus (or Forfarshire) area with only a very few such surnamed persons in other parts of Scotland - and then only of the East of Scotland.  For this reason I have decided to include ALL entries I found as SKIRLING, etc. anywhere in Scotland. 

But wait! STIRLING was also an alias used by some of the Clan McGregor when they were 'in a wee bit of bother' - more below.)  The Webmaster was instrumental in the ingathering of some DNA records from MISTER STIRLINGs and it can now be proved that these are of old McGregor DNA. It is likely that this change took place in the mid 1700s.


In order to know what is, and just as importantly, what IS NOT in the file, can I suggest that, after this page has fully downloaded you may wish to go offline (if you pay telecom charges), and have a fresh cup of coffee at hand (or something stronger?) . . . 

If you download the file without reading about its content and structure you are very likely to miss some of the information and possibilities for research and data analysis that may be waiting for YOU!

. . . here goes . .


The story so far . .

The database is available to download from this page in MS Works v4.5a database 'flat form' only.  In MS Works the data can be viewed or printed as a table or spreadsheet, possibly for conversion to other formats.  It can be viewed and printed as individual records, one to a page.  MS Works was chosen as a software application which is more likely to be available to most researchers and being economically viable.  Other formats may be available by email attachment - just ask!  (Printing the whole lot is NOT advised - 2,500 full sheets!! - but Works allows you to select individual records for printing.)

MS Works has restricted capability for SORTING the records, but you can use the FILTER facility, and these will aid searching and analysis of the data - I have never been caught out looking for selective records - it just needs a wee bit of thought to get what you (reasonably) want.  Before you carry out ANY operation on the data, particularly to sort the records, you are VERY STRONGLY advised to make a write-protected back-up of the original file as you may not be able to put the list back into EXACTLY the original order by  using MS Works.  The first column is a SERIAL NUMBER and this WILL bring the records back to their original order (as specified by me) - DO NOT DELETE OR ALTER THIS COLUMN / FIELD. (My sorting process is described later.)

MS Works has good HELP facilities and you should use these if you are not acquainted with the capabilities of the database feature.  I might be able to resolve a problem if you are confused.

Any person who can provide relevant corrections, extra entries, or extra data to this list is requested to contact the webmaster (see CONTACT).  Please note that I do not generally wish information about any person with the surname STIRLING other than those connected with ANGUS, but I am prepared to consider SKIRLING or the variants listed at the head of this page, for other areas in SCOTLAND, although there are a few very old references on the list these have ANGUS connections.  Should any reader wish to submit a contribution as to the SKIRLING / STIRLING History in these parts I would be pleased to hear from them, but only send details to me after arrangements have been agreed.  Please also contact me if you wish to discuss any matter regarding the data or the computing aspects mentioned on this page.

Before delving further, in to the text below, please remember that nearly all the persons listed are generally from Angus (formerly called Forfarshire), but certainly not every one.  Remember, too, that the timescale is limited - the best data available is for 'events' from 1855 to mid 1870's as I was able to get comprehensive information from the Statutory Registers for these years.  The information categories are listed below.

MOST IMPORTANT - The information extracted and input has not been checked.

A couple of  asides - If you find, or already know, that your roots are in this area of Scotland you would be advised to join the Tay Valley Family History Society (I am member #1112).

The webmaster lives about ten miles from the 'county' town of Forfar, which for a while gave its name to the area - viz. Forfarshire, but has at most times been referred to as ANGUS.  Since 16th May 1975 there are no longer any COUNTIES in SCOTLAND, however the local authority for this area is called ANGUS COUNCIL.

Read HERE of some more information regarding the SKIRLING 'connection'.

Before downloading the file you are further advised to . .

It is important, or at least in the best interests of the researcher, that you read all of these notes, in order to fully understand the information each record may contain and possibly its source.  Without an understanding the user may miss important information, or use information, which may be incorrect.  The records span many centuries from 1500's to Registered Statutory event dates up to 1955/56.

You will notice that there appears to be more than one record which may refer to the same person, possibly adjacent records - for example, a baptism record for, say, a John Stirling in 1824 and a marriage record, possibly for the same John in 1848 and another (now Statutory record) for his death in 1894, aged 70.  Particularly in the earlier years, the connection between these separate records may not be apparent without further research - see later about corrections.  For the 'detailed years' of Statutory Registration (1855 - 187, 1881 & 1891) there is a likelihood that sufficient detail is available to available to enable multiple records to be combined into one for the person - in some cases I have already done this.  For other than the 'detailed years' the Statutory registration, although likely to be reliable, does not give sufficient information to allow a positive connection to be made between separate records.  Particularly in older times it was not unusual for a child to be named exactly the same as an earlier child who had died, therefore it is not safe to assume that even two identical names relate to the same individual.


It is likely to be very important to note the purpose and definition of the SORTDATE field /column.

I decided, after much trial and error in sorting the records, that they would be best 'ordered' by birth date.  Obviously, this was not not always available and in the earlier years the date given is likely to be the Baptism date and may be indicated as such (the OPR may show the Birth date too, if you check the original).  Other cases where the actual birth date is not available can be when the person moved to the area, or married a STIRLING.  There are other reasons, too.  I decided, therefore, that I would create a SORTDATE field and show a date from other available information, if possible.  I have quite arbitrarily decided to make some calculations as follows to achieve this -

  • 1. Where information of a death age IS given the SORTDATE is the COMPUTED year of birth e.g. 1815*COMP

  • 2. Similarly, where a death age IS NOT given the SORTDATE is ESTIMATED by deducting 60 years from DEATH YEAR, e.g. 1815*EST

  • 3. Again, for marriages where the SORTDATE may be COMPUTED as the AGE AT MARRIAGE (if known) deducted from the YEAR OF MARRIAGE.

  • 4. For marriages with no given age the SORTDATE is ESTIMATED to be 20 years before the DATE OF MARRIAGE.

  • 5. Other COMPUTATIONS and ESTIMATIONS are carried out using similar 'arguments' to achieve a reasonably acceptable SORTDATE.

Any SORTDATE which consists only of a year should be taken to be +/- one year either way.  Where the Statutory Registration reference number is low, e.g. 1888/4, it sometimes indicates that the event took place at the end of the previous year.  This is less likely to be the case in very small registration districts where the annual numbers might not exceed double figures.

Other SORTING arrangements attempt to bring similar forenames together, but as you may already have experience, can be counter-productive.  In the days before Statutory Registration the naming and spelling of an individual could vary greatly. The IGI attempts to bring such similarities together.  With the advent of Statutory Registration, however, this should have ceased, however it did not, and I have evidence of this in my own family tree.  There is also the 'changeover' period between Old Parish Registration and Statutory Registration.  Betty might have been Baptised in 1790 as ELIZABETH, but never known as such.  When she died, aged 90, she possibly had no relatives around and a neighbour reported her death to the Registrar, although not in full knowledge of the 'correct' information.

Many of the records are in the married surname of a female and, where known, her maiden name is shown.

I appreciate that this arrangement may not be to every researchers liking and it is entirely up to you how you wish to analyse the data.

This subject could go on and on, but you will need to make allowances for spelling and groupings of names which may not be obvious - try several variations, particularly if you expect the information to be in the list.  For a married person you could, alternatively, search for their spouse's name in the appropriate field, if known.  Need more help on this? - please ask.

I would like to continue to gather information regarding the 'later' Statutory Registrations, for which I show the references, but this would necessitate very costly visits to a Registrars Office, either locally, or in Edinburgh.  Regrettably, I am unable to do this - however, if YOU have a relative listed and can provide the missing information, or are willing to collect some information while you are at an office, please do so - I have listed my folks.

I must repeat that the whole of the work of preparing this file, around 1300 records, was carried out by me,  and is unchecked.


In is inevitable that some researchers will find that they can add to the information given for persons, particularly by linking two, or more, pages which refer to the same person.  They may also be able to provide information on other persons surnamed Stirling in Angus.  In the course of further researches I may find more information, which may be added.  It would be most valuable if readers could inform me  (see CONTACT below) of any corrections, alterations and additions - please supply a comprehensive note of the original details and show clearly where it should be altered, and the reason for the change.  Such changes should be based on reliable information and very clearly documented.  If you can provide information about additional Stirlings please try to use a copy of a MS Works blank record form as your basis of providing information to me, or at least, data which gives such information as you can provide in the format headings of the file.  In all cases please provide your own name, and your TVFHS membership number, if applicable.  Please note that any updating of the list will be on an occasional basis and I will try to provide a replacement the downloadable file in the case of corrections or additions.  You may wish to check back occasionally for the most up-to-date copy.  I make no promises to retain the SERIAL NUMBER from one file copy to the next, but have allowed for 9 new records between each.

The NEW records, added in July 2001, are the ones WITHOUT the original SERIAL NUMBER in column 2 - this will be deleted sooner or later - if you do NOT need to know this I suggest you delete the entire field / column.

You will appreciate that the effort involved in producing this list was considerable.  I will consider the supply of corrections, alterations, additional entries - or even a friendly email - as encouragement from others who may find it of some use in their researches.

On Monday 6th August 2001, I visited the Registrar's Office in Arbroath to get the detail for records where I had only the Statutory Registration reference numbers as shown in my database.  I had had prepared blank pro-formas, for all the Births, Deaths and Marriages registered only at Forfar, from 1876 to 1955/56 (excluding 1881 & 1891 available from the LDS).  I had over 300 forms with only the basic BD&M information.  I had no idea of how long the task would take, but was disappointed to only have time to copy down the information for just over 50 marriages - not even them all.  I had no time for Births and Deaths.  The results have been added to my list.

This detailed information is not available from LDS sources and so I had to pay a fee to the Registrar for the day taken - this amounted to £30.00 (about US$42.00).  The LEAST charge is £10.00 for the first hour.

Regrettably, I am unable to continue to pay out such amount of money to get the detail for the records on my database - amounting to approximately £500.00 ! ! !  There are up to 1,000 records which still need checked against Statutory Registration sources if I restricted my searches to only those where I have the Index references already in my database, and many more, as I understand I can continue up to 1965, or so.  I have NO references for the later period and these would need to be found too.

Not all the searching can be carried out at Arbroath as the Dundee office holds the Dundee records  - the searching and charging regime is even more expensive there.

Bottom line! - I just cannot afford to continue to fund searching of Statutory Registration information  :^(

HOWEVER, IF YOU see a reference to one of 'yours' in my file, and the Statutory Reference details are given, I would be willing to visit the appropriate Registrar's Office to get the detailed information for you.  If you were to go there personally, you too, would be charged the minimum fee, but IF I go as your representative I would be able to 'use up' the unused 'paid for' time to get more data for other records.  Obviously, I would provide you with all the detail you require.

Please note that I am NOT a commercial Family History researcher, but I would only carry out such tasks as your representative.  The question of payment would need resolved and I would much prefer to arrange for payment to be made to the Local Council who are locally responsible for the Registration function.  If you have a proposal please email me.

Alternatively, any person who wishes to say "Thank you for your information", or any philanthropists out there who wish to fund me to do such research locally?

Only a proportion of the names on the list are on MY Family Tree - the list is to aid ALL STIRling (and many other surnames too) researchers.


The sources of the information reproduced in the list are many and varied, but can often be deduced.  Some entries contain information from more than one source.

Any reference below to 'boxes' refer to fields or columns, depending on how the data is viewed.
If you download or request a file copy in MS WORKS database format the page-per-entry FORM layout will be clearly headed, but if you are viewing the file as a spreadsheet the 'boxes' are seen as rows and columns.

1. IGI -  Where this has been used, the box at the top of the page, marked IGI-MFHW will normally show the category (M=male, F=female, H=Husband, W=Wife).  Where there are Birth (Christening) and Marriage (Banns) on IGI, or other, entries the IGI CODE will be for the foremost.  Where there are apparent duplicate IGI entries I have usually tried to bring these together into one record, however, there may be cases where I have erred and may have combined the information which correctly should have been left separate.

An example of 'duplicate' entries could be where a marriage (or banns) is recorded in two parishes on the same or different dates.  The later date one is generally taken to be the actual marriage date (although it may not be!) and the earlier date taken to be for the banns.  Again, it is important to check the source, the OPR's in such cases before 1855.)  I have usually noted such 'duplicates' in the Marriage Notes for the person/s concerned.  You will also find quite a number of entries (mostly 1855+)  for females recorded as STIRLING as their MARRIED NAME - more information should appear on their records. Apparent duplicate entries for baptisms/births are usually similarly treated as for marriages / banns.

The merging of entries was sometimes carried out where the person has a middle or unusual forename name, and it was recorded at each event occasion - often it was not - but in some cases I have been able to do this from other sources, possibly mentioned.  You will also find some entries for such persons with easily identifiable names where I have (also) recorded LATER Statutory References for marriage or death - but not possible for the 'popular' forenames.  I have not checked the death records for females where they had a married surname at time of death, although their death may be recorded in their Maiden name, too.  All this information might be in your ken if the person is on your 'tree', in which case I would appreciate the information from you, for that person.

The IGI box usually indicates the first event, so, there might only be a WIFE or HUSB reference in the box, not a MALE or FEM reference (although this is usually obvious).  Remember, too, the IGI convention for putting an underscore in a name where the original source entry is not clear, for example, JESS_  could be Jessica or Jessie, although often I have been able to resolve this.  You should also note that, where there are different entries for an event, or / and later entries for that same person I have taken the liberty of 'updating' the name information.  For example, Mgt., Marg, Margret, etc. will have been 'consolidated' into MARGARET if there is just one source which records her as such - but the original SOURCE may not.  If you are using your software's searching facilities you should bear this in mind - search for ALL versions, or abbreviated versions (see SERIES NUMBER and SORTDATE references).

2. -  Where there is a Statutory Registration reference, for the years 1855 onwards, shown in the appropriate box for an event (B D or M) such details which are reproduced are generally from the microfilmed copy of THAT source (but note the following paragraph), several of which I have photocopies if on my “family tree”.  The IGI also has some entries taken from statutory records and in such cases an entry in the IGI box, which appears to duplicate the statutory reference, may be entered, usually for a birth or marriage.  Occasionally, there may be an entry in the IGI, taken from an OPR for a post-1855 date.  Where this is for a marriage it could again be a reference to banns being called, which was a statutory obligation, but not recorded other than in the Church Records.  The Statutory Registration source is NEARLY always correct (spellings excepted!) and can generally be relied on . . . . .

. . . . However a word of caution from my experience - I have one person on my records where the original* Statutory Register, held locally (originally in the Registrar's Office in Forfar, but now in Dundee) has an unofficial "name-correction" using the "razor blade eraser" method, whereas the 'FAIR COPY' in G.R.O.S. Edinburgh, which is the one you may have seen on LDS microfilm, is VERY wrong!  It took me ages to discover this, so beware, even of official COPY sources! (They have added my correction to the "Register of Corrected Entries :^)
The Original Register is the one actually signed by the parties concerned.  Hand-written copies of these volumes were made by registration office staff, yearly(?), and passed to the Record Office in Edinburgh.  It was usually the Edinburgh COPY of the Register which was filmed by the LDS in the 1950's.  To see the original register you would probably be required to call in person at the Registration Office near the location where the event was registered, if they still hold the original registers - I would be surprised if any other method was available.  (I understand that the original OPR's are in Edinburgh.)

3. -  Other sources.  In my collection of information for my own family tree I have collected dozens of sundry items regarding many Stirlings, mainly in Angus.  These are wide ranging, and include churchyard burial records, memorial inscriptions, notes from other researchers, books, family and other, recollections, and many others.  Where these provide additional information, or confirmation of other information, which may be in doubt, this may have been noted on the page for the person concerned.  25th July 2001 - I have added the STIRLING records of interment at the Old Howff, Dundee (very few have a SORTDATE).

More coffee ?


Referred to above, but some additional information . .

"How do I find a particular person?"

The names of persons in this whole file had to be sorted in some way so that the researcher could find their chosen individual(s).  To organise the sorting process, considerable effort, consultation and thought went into the eventual order of entries.  There was a temptation to sort the records in the same manner as the IGI but I would like to think that my chosen SORTDATE system is an improvement on that.  The sorting process is described below and it will help you find individuals, and better still, analyse the data for yourself, if you understand the sort method.

You will see that the surname is spelled in many ways, even for the same individual from different sources.  The surname shown for an individual I have quite arbitrarily chosen to be the 'latest' one, in other words the one from the source which is most up-to-date.  The OPR's have many spelling variations, but the spelling 'settled down' in most cases to STIRLING by the start of Statutory Registration, in Scotland, in 1855.  In the sorting process the surname is ignored.

A strict computer sort of the forename was not satisfactory and the list was considerably manually edited, over the course of two days, so that individuals with middle names were incorporated into the list as if the middle name was ignored.  In a similar fashion you are likely to be aware that the OPR's contained many abbreviations of spelling.  Such entries have been incorporated into the list where I think they should be if the name had been spelled out in full, or 'properly'.  This means that you will find MGT., MARG., MAG., MARGRET, MAGRT., etc. all incorporated with MARGARET.  I cannot vouch that all such names are in, what you might consider, the appropriate place, e.g. BETSY for ELIZABETH, possibly, but not always - JEAN and JANE, several others - just search around!

There is a column / field headed SORTDATE and this, together with the SERIES number, form an important tool for sorting and analysis.

The SORTDATE is in TEXT (you will encounter major difficulties if you try to change it to DATE format) and is in the format of YYYY-MMM-DD, un like the OTHER DATES in this table.  The date format is the International system and should NOT be altered to your particular country's 'liking', neither should it be changed to numeric values.
SORTDATE example -    1756-JUN-05

This data facilitated the sort process and can assist in your analysis of the entries.  You will see that the SORTDATE is often the BIRTH or BAPTISM date 'turned around', but it is MORE THAN THAT.  From my earlier experience in sorting this data which was not satisfactory, I decided that an attempt should be made to give EVERY record an SORTDATE, being the exact BIRTH or BAPTISM date if available, or a derived version as described in these examples- 

There is a caveat regarding dates which I hope to resolve in time.  At some stage along the road from its 'beginnings' of the data in 1993, the import / export feature of some application used along the way has 'converted' a few dates to 30 November regardless of the year.  You are advised to check the source for any entry with that date. (Please let me know if you find an error!)

. .  and now the . . .

SERIES NUMBER.  The strict computer sort was carried out using only the FORENAME (BEFORE the manual rearrangement) and SORTDATE together.  The resulting list was then manually re-arranged as described earlier (for forenames).  As the list was (in my opinion) now in its optimum sort order the SERIES number was created in multiples of 10.  The increments of 10 allow me 9 new (or rearranged) records to be input between each original record.  (Unfortunately, at this stage I cannot promise that the SERIES NUMBER will remain as it is at present if more sorting takes place.)

UPDATE - JULY 2001 - these old numbers will stay meantime but entirely NEW SERIES NUMBERS have been introduced.

Understanding the function and the importance of this SERIES number will greatly assist your analysis of the data - it is, after all, the only easy 'route' back to the original list in my original order.  When you select sub-sets of data, say for one parish, you are likely to wish different sorts and filters and could make use of the SERIES to get the FORENAMES in the order you wish - remember that sorting on forename will not bring the desired result.

MULTIPLE MARRIAGES - In such cases there may be TWO records to include all the information available, marked X2.

When you upload the file you can analyse the data in lots of ways, just remember to keep the SERIES number intact.  Best keep an original file copy safely marked as READ ONLY, just in case.

HOWEVER, if all else fails remember to use the FIND facility in your software application! - but you could miss out on lots of extra detail if you limit your research to just that.


The information given in the fields or columns is usually fairly obvious, but additional information may be helpful in your understanding of the structure of the data I have included.  If you are to be manipulating the data in any way you are reminded that data is in TEXT FORMAT and you change this at your peril - particularly with the wide spread of years, which even MS Excel cannot handle!

Although there are over 50 fields on the list, it will be obvious that it is impossible for any record to have all fields completed.  Entries for individuals where some 1855 onwards record is recorded are likely to have much better information.  Here is a list of most of the fields, but the numbers are NOT the field numbers - just for reference here;

The 'small print', but not !

I hope you find this list useful and that it helps in your research.  Do bear in mind that the accuracy of collation and typing is not 100%, and that I may have made deductions about persons, or their family connections, which are wrong, or at least dubious.  Under no circumstances can you rely on this file to be absolutely correct, although I did exercise reasonable care in its collation it has not been checked.  Unfortunately, the work involved, took so long, and the sources were so varied, that it would be almost impossible for another person now to reasonably check that all the information was as it should be.  The reader should, therefore, treat the information contained in the same way to that of the IGI and other such lists, that is, only as a guide, and should confirm any information shown, rather than accept it as verbatim.  Please do not treat it as any more than this.  

Please go back to the PLEASE HELP section - your assistance will be appreciated, both by me and other researchers.  I would also appreciate your thoughts on the construction and other aspects of this data, thank you.  It is not unknown for some correspondents to send me a big list of names from their family tree and ask for any information.  Please note that this file normally represents next to all my information, however, if you can add some more relevant data please let me know, but please - no lists!

However, look out for the new, big STIRLING 15,500+ names LIST - ask about it!

I would advise against printing this webpage as it will take quite some time.  You may wish to use your browser's EDIT - SELECT ALL - COPY and then use a TEXT EDITOR like Windows Notepad to PASTE the copy into.  (If you use a WORD PROCESSOR it is likely that it will try to keep the Webpage (HTML) formatting which you do not need.)  You can then retain and print only the parts of the document that you need to print.  If you are literary person who has the time - and the inclination - to re-write these notes into a more logical pattern, whilst not losing any of the explanations and advice, I would welcome your contribution.  I'm sure you are aware of the 'every time I look at it I want to change it" syndrome, and the result is far from perfect.  I hope this does not detract from the benefit you are likely to gain from downloading the database and spending many hours with it!

So here it is . . .

 . . . at last . . .


Click the appropriate filename in your chosen format to download the latest published version of the  DATABASE FILE,
In its ORIGINAL format as a MS WORKS *.WDB file the data can be viewed in spreadsheet or A4 (printable) data form for each individual. The other formats do not provide for this page display but YOU can use them to create your own, if you wish.

MS WORKS FILE - allstir-os4.wdb

MS EXCEL FILE - allstir-os4.xls

Comma Separated Values (CSV) - basic unformatted text file - allstir-os4.csv



These files are not formatted.

Download  allstir-os4.csv

Download  allstir-os4.xls

It is not my intention to keep anything other than my WORKS data up-to-date as, being the most financially economical application to view and analyse my data in page form (unless YOU know better), it is likely that most researchers have, or may wish to purchase a copy at very reasonable cost.

Have a look at different samples of a FORM PAGE screen or print output provided in MS Works -
allstirpage.gif (in your browser or graphics application)
 (using Adobe Reader - free download)
  - If you convert the data into MS Access or another Database application you might aim to getting the FORM layout as near this as possible.  In spreadsheet form it can be very difficult, but not impossible to examine the data properly to its best advantage, but for data analysis it is likely to be suitable.

And Finally . . .

. . . if in doubt, PLEASE ASK ! ! !

. . . and please give some feedback - positive or negative.


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